Online Loan Application

How do I access my saved application?

If you have saved a draft of your online application, you can login with the temporary login id and password here

Where do I get the temporary login ID and password?

When you saved a draft of your application, you will be given a temporary ID and password which you can login to retrieve your saved draft and continue your application.

What can I do if I didn’t save the temporary ID or password?

Please call our hotline 6319 3700 to request for a retrieval of the ID and to reset your temporary password.


How do I get access to e-Teller?

Please register for e-Teller access here.

Your access code (password) will be mailed to your residential address. Thereafter, you can login through our website for online transactions.

What is the client login on e-Teller portal?

The client login refers to your member number. If you forgot your member number, please call 6319 3700 or email info@tcc.org.sg for assistance.

How long will it take for me to receive e-Teller access information?

The e-Teller access code (password) will be mailed to your residential address, which may take up to 1 week.

I forgot my e-Teller access code

Please fill in the form here, or email to info@tcc.org.sg with your full name, NRIC number and mobile, to get a new access code.

What to do when I encountered errors when trying to transfer money from TCC savings account?

Please call 6319 3700 for assistance or write in to info@tcc.org.sg

The login page keeps disappearing

Please check your browser setting that the pop-up blocker is not enabled, or please give permission for pop-ups from tcc.org.sg.

Robo Teller

What is Robo Teller?

Robo Teller is our phone banking system, and you can access it at 6319 3700.

I forgot my Robo Teller access code.

Please call 6319 3700 for assistance to reset your access code

Account & Membership

How can I apply to be a member?

You can apply for a member with this form, and mail it back to 95 Killiney Road Singapore 239537.

How can I check if I’m still a member?

Please call 6319 3700 for assistance or write in to info@tcc.org.sg

How do I transfer/withdraw money out from TCC savings account?

Currently, TCC members can transfer directly to their linked POSB/DBS accounts, through e-Teller or Robo Teller. For other banks, please call us at 6319 3700 for withdrawal requests or email us at info@tcc.org.sg.

Otherwise, please come down to our office for cash or cheque withdrawals.

Must I be a member to take up loans from TCC?

Yes, you will have to be our member to take up loans from us. If you are not a member, we will help to process your membership application concurrently together with your loan application.

How long must I be a member before I can take up loans?

There’s no minimum membership period before taking loans from us. We can process your membership application together with your loan application.

I want to report loss of ATM card.

Please email us at info@tcc.org.sg to deactivate your lost card. A new ATM card can be applied at $5, which can be deducted from your TCC Savings Account.

I forgot my member ID, how can I recover it?

Please call us at 6319 3700 or write in to info@tcc.org.sg

How do I close my savings account or terminate my membership?

Please write into info@tcc.org.sg, and ensure that you do not have any existing loans or are currently a guarantor for any loans with us. Termination of membership takes up to 6 weeks, in the meantime, you can withdraw your funds from your savings account with a minimum balance of $10. Upon successful account closure, the $10 will be refunded to you.