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The Credit Co-operative with A Heart

Established since 1928, TCC Credit Co-operative Limited is a member-oriented financial institution, providing a safe repository for savings and access to financial services at affordable interest rates.

Formed by the community for the community, we are a big family and everything that we do is driven by our nine co-operative values:
Caring, Convenient, Fair, Flexible, Honest, Nurturing, Reliable, Responsible and Responsive

Hear From Our Members

“I would like to express my gratitude for TCC in helping me to achieve my academic dreams. I have graduated and cleared my education loan. I believe learning is a never-ending journey. I will strongly recommend TCC for people who need genuine help and good service.”


“I am happy to have had the opportunity to take up an education loan with your co-operative. The low interest rate is such a relief. The staff who attended to my application has been very helpful and has carried out all procedures effectively and efficiently. Thank you once again.”


“Thank you for the services rendered by Ms Alice. She is very helpful, courteous, efficient and professional. I am very pleased and impressed with her services and would like to commend her services.”

Grace Chie

“Thank you for the service. I will definitely recommend TCC to my friends.”

Norhoyan Binte Abes

“I have been with TCC since December 2019. The staff has been really helpful and fully informative at every step of the way. I am really grateful for the time taken from start to end of the application and for the successful disbursement of my education loan. Thank you very much!”

Iyswariya D/o Karunanithi

Upcoming Member Events

8 April 2023 (Sat)
10am – 1pm
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On Civil Matters, Family Issues, Wills and Probate, Criminal Matters, Bankruptcy/ Insolvency, Accident Matters, Employment Law and Any Other Legal Issues